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Walking / Snapping

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I live in a sleepy little town on the edge of the Susquehanna River, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Mostly, a nondescript sort of place. Simple citizens. Most have very little. Many are the salt of the Earth. Not exactly a diverse or entertaining place but, what it does afford is a nice venue for walking, which I do daily. Because, in these days, I'm leery of snapping pix of people—that leaves objects, architecture and other inanimate entities. There's nothing particularly special about what I find but I do tend to find SOMEthing that catches my eye each walk. The best shots are when I'm not thinking about it and pass something I can't help but document with my iPhone 8+. Not always art, exactly—but, very often, it's therapeutic if not profound. It allows me to abandon my present headspace for a few minutes and just interact with the tiny world around me. No planning. No pretense. No purpose. Just snapping images while I walk. A few here:

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