• Musser

Vitreous Humour

Sometimes I get antsy and just have to create something. I'm still rediscovering my music applications and assorted components so, during some exploration, I found myself putting some music together. After diddling around with it for a couple of days, I placed it against some public domain footage done produced in 1941, How the Eye Functions by Karl Kurt Bosse. Needless to say, what I did with it isn't what Karl first intended—a whole other 'edit' with much of it affected. It's a strange mix. The music seems incongruous to the visual, but I like when that happens. There's a certain sense of freedom when one creates something for absolutely no reason other than to entertain oneself (and, occasionally, to submit to some European or South American experimental film festival—since, it seems, not many like this sort of thing here in States).

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