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TruthDay Disparity

Two older recordings. Blues Arcade is simple and direct. Nothing fancy, just blues. But, always fun to play (and to record). Right Coast Étude is simply me sitting at a lovely grand piano diddling around and doing those note clusters I know go together. The quality of the recording is completely credited to Bobby Gentilo of Right Coast Recording... asking me to 'mess about' while he tests some mic placements. Let's be honest here: I know some great blues guitarists. I know amazing pianists. I am neither. I play only what I'm comfortable playing. I don't read music, and don't even know much theory. I'm making it up on the spot. But I know from experience that certain notes and combinations go better together than others. The blues piece has a few tracks involved (I played all parts but using two percussion loops). The piano is a single track recording and utterly off-the-cuff.

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