• Musser

Touch and Retouch

During my graphic design life, there were certain things I loved doing and a number of things I hated doing. Oddly, I didn't mind doing 'forms.' Really. Applications... or, any sort of information-gathering forms. Because I hate filling out poorly-designed forms (not enough space, illogical hierarchy, clutter), I enjoyed creating them to make them better than those I hated. It wasn't busy work. It was useful. In the area of photography, there's something I really enjoy doing but one might be surprised by it since it's not inherently creative. Retouching. In particular, I enjoy being presented an old, dusty, cracked, scratched, and mangled image and trying to improve it—to make it more enjoyable to view. Of course, there are some images beyond help. But, often, there's something that can be done. It's a challenge... and, a joy, when it works out. Here's one example. It was an old cracked, glass negative with dust and dirt and scratching. But, I wanted to see if I could make it better. There was foxing around the perimeter which was far too gone for improvement. But, the majority of the image could be doctored.

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