• Musser

Things Are Looking Down

I try to take a walk each day. Not always a very long walk but, a walk nevertheless. The iPhone is on me, of course. I don't get many calls or emails but I do like the ease and simplicity of using the camera component of the iPhone (especially, now, version 12, Pro Max... a heck of a camera). I suppose most people, when they walk, look down fairly often. I don't always trust my footing and one never knows what could trip one up. Looking down, I often find things that interest me. If not interesting in content, at least interesting in composition. Or, something just incongruous. Sometimes I see that interesting thing(s) and just keep walking. Or, I pass it, pause, and continue on my way. Then, there're the times I pass it, slow down a bit as the image lingers. I return. Mostly, such things aren't very interesting to others but that's never stopped me. I like making a visual recording of something that piques my interest but others find background noise. Here are a few offered here at random.

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