• Musser

The Possibilities are Dangerous

I can't say that I always avoid 'pretty pictures' when I'm shooting. But I don't look for them. There are others who are far better at those grand vistas than I could ever be. So, I often go for the simple image which teases me with post-potential. The same part of my brain that causes me to love editing video is the same part that gives me joy in manipulating an image... making it more than it was when I shot it. I usually set out to do such images when I'm looking for something to do. "Why not manipulate a photo?" That's when I look for something I'd already shot. It's all about seeing if it'll work. Sometimes it ends up being silly. Sometimes I go too far. Sometimes I'm just not up to the task in ability. But, sometimes, it works. If not perfectly, at least perfect enough to stimulate that part of the brain I'd mentioned. I've adjusted two examples here to demonstrate. Neither are perfect... but perfect enough as examples for the subject of this blog entry. Showing you the 'before' and the 'after.'

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