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I've never had many friends. In fact, I don't use the word (friend) very often. I'm probably friend-scarce because I'm too difficult for many. [This is a meagre attempt at being self-aware and honest. Enjoy.]. However, those few friends I've had include some pretty damned special people (and I include my wife, Janette, in this category). I could write syrupy stuff about each and every one of them (remember, there aren't all that many). But, here, I'm writing about a man I consider one of the smartest, sensitive, introspective, understanding, and generous humans I've known. Gene Hosey. Like most of us, he's put time into a number of jobs to make money, but his true profession is 'poet.' He also happens to be exceptionally talented at presenting his work. So, add 'performer' to the mix. Best of all, he earned his poetic chops on his own. No Master of Arts in Pretentious Interpretive Lingo for this guy. He's lived every word he's crafted. I've always admired and appreciated him for that. Low and behold, we became friends. He's one of those guys you only see every couple of years but, when you do, we pick right up where we left off. It's a non-stressed relationship. We're our own Mutual Appreciation Society. Over the years, we've put together what Gene does (words) with what I do (visual and aural). I wanted to use this blog to feature some of those media-oriented partnerships. I feel lucky to have been able to merge creatively with a man I admire and, even better, a man I genuinely like... nix that... love. I'm hoping you take the time to watch as many of these examples as you can. Not for me, for Gene. He deserves it.

Here's the older work from about 20 years back:

A few years later, I wrote a short piece just to test a new camera I'd asked Gene and another good friend, Christopher Cooke, to perform in it. I'm a bit embarrassed by my effort but not at all embarrassed by Gene and Chris's efforts:

A year or two back, I invited Gene to perform live (done in one take) for a Live at Right Coast episode. It's from a series done with Bobby Gentilo of Right Coast Recording studio:

Finally, a recent series of short pieces using Gene's written words and my image/audio contribution. For ease of viewing, I've assembled all of them into a single video clip:

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