• Musser

The Escapement (or, Looking Down Around Town)

Another day, another piece of music. I felt like a quiet piece today. Again, because it's not possible to present an audio file within this blog (technical reasons, I suppose), the audio is accompanied by visuals. In this case, these are all snapshots taken during various walks around and about my town of Columbia, Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on those things we see if we only looked down.


On another note: Since I no longer hold accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all the other tyrants, my primary connection to you is this meagre blog (and website). So, if you know someone who might appreciate my approach to photographic imagery, music creation, or video work, I'd appreciate you making the recommendation. I'm not expecting (nor looking for, certainly) hundreds of subscribers. Just a handful of like-minded folks is plenty for this ol' boy.

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