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The Envelope, Please...

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As it was for just about everyone, this year (2021) has been a real stinker. Yes, we're all dealing with it in our own way, but it's still been a crappy year (mostly, politically). The year before, and this year, has pushed me to work on my own projects even more forcefully than I'd planned when I retired on the last day of 2019. I couldn't wait to get away from demanding clients and just do what I wanted to do with video, music, photography... what have you. Within months, the hammer came down and everyone had to adjust (covid). But, as is so often the case in an oppressive society, artists tend to bury themselves in their work. It's diversion. It's a safe place. Among the things I created this year were two short videos. Neither was fully planned or prepared for, but I dove in never-the-less.

It'd been years since I submitted any of my motion work into festivals. I was a fairly young man when I first tried it. I had mixed results. Won a few, ignored by most. In those days, only a few hundred (or thousand, at times) would be submitting along with you. These days... well... there are literally tens of thousands submitting their video projects into worldwide festivals. It's a true industry now. So, I thought I'd try again. Is an old man who makes video viable anymore? I wasn't hopeful. It was a diversion, as I'd said. I limited myself to only those festivals with entry fees I could afford (an industry, remember?). There were two short videos I'd created which I liked. Whether anyone else would like them was pure conjecture: Static-to-Noise and Quantum Entanglement. I thought Static was a bit more interesting, so I submitted it more often. Low and behold, I did reasonably well. I'm not sure I'll bother in future with anything new I do, but the experience has been satisfying and encouraging.

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