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Tear Jar Album Release

A number of years after the stage production of The Tear Jar, I've worked to put together an audio album of the studio-recorded songs and a few songs performed live at the Whitaker Center, Harrisburg. I've also included a few of the composer's recorded song sketches used to teach the songs for the performers. There's also a few stage performance transitions included to suggest the atmosphere of the live show. The Tear Jar was a blues-inspired stage musical I'd written around 2006 after Chris Bravacos's urging. Bob Welsh composed almost all of the songs, with the recording engineering magic conducted by Frank Silver. After the overwhelming success of the stage performances, the three producers (Bravacos/Welsh/Musser) worked hard to get it to Broadway. We came close a few times, but it never quite got to the finish line. Later, we were close to having it performed in London's theatre district. Alas, it was planned to 'workshop' it, but after a death of an agent involved, it fell through. And, finally, we re-wrote it for film, but couldn't secure the finances. So, after so many had performed such great songs, we felt we had to, at least, make it available via all the usual online music streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon, etc). THIS we accomplished. In this small way, it now exists as an audio document. For anyone curious, visit this navigational page.

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