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Although I began my photographic life in the darkroom in the 70s, there was a long bout where I didn't want to stand in a claustrophobic room with smelly chemicals, so I found a more immediate way to experiment. Like so many, as a young teen I'd tried using the overly complicated Polaroid Land Camera but the results were inconsistent and quite unsatisfying. Then, Polaroid released a pretty cool camera, the SX-70. I couldn't afford one for a few years. Then, when Model 3 came out the price came down, I had to get one. A wonderful camera (compared to earlier Polaroids). One of the innovations was the battery being included in each pack of film. It also offered a pretty nice image, more often. And, no requirement to coat the image with that pink stick (anyone remember those?). I couldn't always afford a 10-pack of the film. Costly. When I could afford it, I put it through its paces. Here are of few of the things I tried. Some from the late 70s, up to the early 90s.


Creative Outlet

Paul deNooijer Wearing Musser's Mug

Camping Under the Matterhorn

The Slow Shadow


The camera:

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