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A few years ago, I was thinking how one could 'take photographs' without using a camera (a traditional camera, I mean). A desktop scanner is all that came to mind. This isn't exactly a new concept. In fact, it could be considered an updated iteration of the Rayographs done by Man Ray in the 1920s (whereby, he placed objects onto photographic paper and exposed it to light and processing the paper). But, I'd never tried using a scanner with the notion of consciously thinking to replace a camera. I had a few varied bits of cloth. I turned, twisted, and folded them in bundles, scanned them, and trimmed them out in Photoshop. Then, I combined and layered them into clustered compositions. Same process with the leaves. I went into the garden and snipped a few leaves of various plants, scanned them, and assembled them into compositions. It's a lengthy process, with a lot of tedious Photoshop work but, as I look at them again, it teases me to try more one day. There are a few others here, also, where I used other elements to add to the mix.

One of Man Ray's Rayographs (1922):

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