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Updated: Feb 15

I was never one to gravitate toward poetry. I appreciated the craft and the depth of one's glossary needed to tap from but, mostly, I had a passing interest. Then, years ago, I met a talented man who performed his work and I was there to experience it. His performance placed me into the 'poetry' camp. Decades later, this man, Gene Hosey, became a dear friend. My appreciation and respect for him grew exponentially. Along the way, we've collaborated on a few projects and have performed together and been published together. Then, the pandemic hit, limiting many of us. However, with this thing called 'the internet,' we've been able to collaborate once again, from afar (well, not that far. Cumberland County/Lancaster County). Gene sent me some shortened works and I attempted to place his words within a moving and aural environment. But, oh, the words... they do the heavy lifting. I'm just along for the ride. Here are a few of them:

And, as an added bonus, this is Gene performing with two talented musicians:

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