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Music from a Non-existent Movie

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

For the past month, I've been working on a series of audio tracks. The project is to make them part of a movie soundtrack. But, that movie will not exist. The piece of music, here, accompanies one particular scene in this non-existent movie:

It's nearing midnight. A half-moon is in the sky. In a small park of a small town, musicians once congregated. Some would find a private place to play on their own, some would meet a fellow musician to practice, and others would simply find one another and play together. Now, even music can't lift their spirits. Out of habit, some still come to sit, but they rarely play any longer. They sit, holding their instruments, and stare out into clusters of shadowy trees. The street lamps in the park no longer shine because electrical power can't be wasted. This night was like most nights. One man is slowly walking his usual path when, in the distance, he hears a single violin. As the melody nears, he stops to listen. The usual musicians who still come to sit are surprised by the sound. A young girl playing her violin stops among them and, slowly, as they listen, some join her in playing. She is unknown to them. They're relieved to discover that someone wishes to express themselves as they once had. Almost as soon as she arrives to bring them together, she slowly moves away and out of the park. The musicians fall away one by one. They, again, sit quietly and still. She is gone, but her simple tune stays with them. For a moment, the moon became brighter at midnight in a small park in a small town.

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