• Musser

London Street Sweep

Recently, I'd asked my good friend, Jonathan Creaser, to supply me with some 'perspective street driving footage' so I could invent some visual interpretation—creating a video together. The idea was to create an audio track to go with that vibe and marry the two. Jonathan would shoot video. I'd do an original audio track and edit to his footage. Jonathan is a wonderful videographer and was happy to send me something. Of course, he had to deal with the typical rainy London weather. No matter. He worked through it and came through. Jonathan, btw, is a very well-liked disc jockey on an internet radio station (www.a1radio.co.uk) who can be heard presenting your requests every Friday, 5pm, EST, LIVE out of London. It's a wonderful show that harkens back to the radio broadcasts of times passed. If you'd like to lose yourself for two hours, this is the place. In any case, this is the short video he and I came up with...

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