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Hiatus Consummatum Est

Yeah, I'm back at it. More self-aggrandizing drivel. This time, announcing two new audio albums released into the digital ether of world-wide streaming.

Silktown Scramblers is mostly older stuff, with one new one (the last track). It's really a tongue-in-cheek collection which poses questions about our preconceived notions about categories of people. Yes, I'm from hillbilly stock, and proud of it. But, that's neither here nor there. Well... it's more there and here.

Blind Obedience is quite new and is my way of drawing attention to the scary human trait of 'not paying attention' to what's going on in our world. But, hey, it's an instrumental album, so how effective could it be?

And, if that isn't glutting the marketplace to any meaningful level, there's yet another album in the queue which will hopefully appear within the next couple of weeks, The Tension of Sinew. More on that when it's available.

As with my other aural meanderings, you can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, and so on, if you search 'Jerry King Musser.' If you search 'Musser,' you'll get my older stuff.

I create this stuff because there simply is not enough music out there.

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