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By accident, today, I came across a YouTube channel hosted by the VideoBardo Festival in Buenos Aires. I'd submitted work there a couple of times and won some awards along the way. It's a surprise and pleasure that there's still something online which I didn't post that harkens back to some earlier work. In this case, one of the tv networks there is reporting about the festival of that year (2008) and among the examples shown is a segment of one of my entries ('Tazza Rotta'). You can see it from about 1:08 until 1:22. For reference, if you'd like to watch the entire video, I'm including it at the end. The Argentinians and the Brazilians both love experimental video. France and Italy, as well. Which is why, I suppose, I've been a bit more successful in those countries. Of the festivals I've tried here in the USA, they simply don't seem to care that much about the genré... not in the same way, at least, as those in the other countries mentioned. So, I just don't bother any longer with domestic festivals.

Below is the full version of Tazza Rotta (Broken Cup). For those in the Columbia area, I shot this on the second floor of the old firehouse which sets beside the post office. You might notice, too, that the aspect ratio is of the older 4:3 version rather than the latest 16:9.

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