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Back in 2002, a few crazy compatriots came together as an 'art performance' group (named 'anthracite'). We didn't perform as much as we simply created ideas and visuals. The first of those visual creations was a book named, reasonably, Anthracite One. It was a collection of ideas from all the members: Rick Blasdell, Russ Cox, Gene Hosey, Jeff King, and yours truly. One of my sections is shown here. The idea began when—as a working graphic designer at the time—I had a discussion with someone about what a designer actually does for a client. My contention was that it was more about what the designer offers via their brain than what they produce with their hands. Many clients equate 'designing' the way they might 'plumbing.' It's something they just 'do.' Part of that is true, of course, but without the ability to think in a fresh way, the physical application would appear rather limited in scope and probably look like something seen before. With that in mind, I created a few images which offered alternate uses for a designer's head.

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