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The Surreal Deal

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Even as a teen, I was immediately drawn to a number of the Dadaist's works which seemed to be based in irony and humor. I'm drawn to such things still. There's something about taking the starch out of something people stare at in museums and galleries I find satisfying. In fact, I feel I'm most successful (from a self-satisfying perspective) when I create something droll, whimsical, or slightly absurd. I know that confuses some folks because, well, "...isn't art supposed to be serious?" Gosh, I hope not. I've always felt I was born a hundred years too late. So, a few years back, I put together a few items which were influenced by some who genuinely broke the rules the first time.



Oedipus Cup

Nimble Tines


It's San Andreas's Fault


The Portable Keyboard

Wall Mounted Restraint


Museum Item: Writing Implement


And, among early influences:

Bicycle Wheel / Marcel Duchamp / 1913

Cadeau (Gift) / Man Ray / 1921

Object / Meret Oppenheim / 1936

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