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20/20 Vision is a Misnomer

Back in 2019, when I started actually writing pages for this blog, I had high hopes of contributing wondrous thoughts and ideas. But, as it happens, I seem to have completely side-stepped the year 2020. Now, that's what I call 'seeing into the future.' Here we are in January 2021, looking back at this momentous (and disgusting) year, trying to make sense of it all. I might need a few more months to make sense of it. I'm trying. 'They've' always talked about hindsight being 20/20. I don't even know what to make of that. Maybe it'll all make sense around 3020.

And, along with all the other crap that occurred at this time, we have those good ol' boys of Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, etc) causing a stir because they've taken it upon themselves to control the national election and, in so doing, control our very lives. [I think how they're referred to by others is accurate: The Masters of the Universe]. Yes, they want us all to cower under their power and do and think the way that they think. I guess it's so they can make more money. But, it's likely even more to do with simply wielding more power. That age-old weakness. Power. The concept of a few humans controlling the rest of us. So, yeah, I didn't take kindly to that way of thinking so, I deleted my Facebook account and my Instagram account. I'd never bothered with Twitter so, that didn't figure into it. But, hmmm, on Amazon and Apple... a bit tougher. I've been working on the Macintosh computer since the early 1990s and just bought a new iPhone. And, heck, we've been working on trying to limit the power over us from Comcast (Xfinity) about our tv watching so, we 'stream' Amazon Prime and Netflix. So, those Apple and Amazon... hmm, I'll have to think about how I can limit their power over me. But the point I'm trying to make, I've nixed my final two 'social media' connections to the outside world. Instagram was particularly poignant and sad. I enjoyed snapping a photo on my iPhone and posting it to Instagram to my 44 followers. Now I can't. So, here I am, resurrecting my blog on my feeble website. I say 'feeble' because no one really knows about it or cares about it even if they knew about it. It's that issue of a 'creator' needing an outlet. I 'think' that's still a bit important.

And, since I'd like to have an image assigned to each post, I'm just dropping in a still from an old film clip that my dear friend, Paul de Nooijer, and I made years ago when I was the caretaker for the John Harris Mansion in Harrisburg. Paul was visiting and since we'd always managed to find time to make a short film (16mm back then), we took advantage of the amazing bathroom which was skinned in black and white tiles, highlighted with silver edging (the film which resulted was called 'Black and White Bathroom'). He'd sent this to me only a few days ago and I was struck by how young I looked. Childlike, in fact. I'm only guessing it was in the 1980s. At 70, I'm doing a lot of looking back.

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